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Comfy One-Size-Fits-All Bikini Top

September 13, 2019

Summer’s not completely over yet! And thank god cause I just bought a new swimsuit I’m obsessed with. I was skeptical when it said there was one size, but it’s a material that’s meant to fit all types of bodies and is super comfy! I ended up getting the white bandeau top from ASOS and then went to Target and got some black bottoms there.…

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Must-dos in Stockholm, Sweden

August 29, 2019

Whenever you’re visiting a new city it’s always difficult to figure out the things you shouldn’t miss while you’re there. So here’s a list of must-dos if you’re visiting Stockholm! Old Town (Gamla Stan) The most well-known part of Stockholm with beautiful buildings and narrow streets. There are so many cute shops and restaurants to see. Just walk around and get lost (which is easy…

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The Best Mom Jeans

June 18, 2019

A couple of months ago I saw an ad about how Madewell turns old jeans into home insulation and I immediately knew what I was going to do with my favorite Topshop jeans that had just ripped at the butt…I was so happy that they were going to good use and was even happier when I got $20 off a pair of Madewell jeans from…

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Easy Indoor Plants You (Hopefully) Won’t Kill

April 18, 2019

I got my first plant last summer and since then my obsession has really taken off. I’ve realized that it’s because I’m able to be responsible for something without it being a huge deal if it dies. Now I have a lot of plants and am happier than everrr! I thought about naming them, but I’m already bad at remembering names so I decided that…

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Winter-to-Spring Outfits

April 5, 2019

Honesty I love when the seasons are changing because that means I get to experiment with outfits. You get to mix up your cold-weather and warm-weather clothes to create outfits you haven’t worn before! So here are a few I put together that I’m loving for the winter-to-spring weather.…

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To Do In: Houston, Texas

March 27, 2019

Being from Dallas, I’ve always heard about Houston not being a fun city and I had gone a couple of times but hadn’t really experienced it. It really exceeded my expectations so here are some things I recommend! Montrose Neighborhood This neighborhood is what changed my mind about Houston! The houses are like a mix between Charleston and New Orleans and I’m in love with…

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The Perfect Jean Jacket

March 10, 2019

I’ve worn the same jean jacket for over 5 years now. Before that, my mom had it for over 15 years. And before that, my au pair bought it from United Colors of Benetton in the 80s and had it for over 10 years. So you could say it’s pretty special to me. I think about what I would do if I ever lost it,…

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Unique Purses Under $75

February 26, 2019

People always talk about investing in a purse, but I'd rather find a purse that I can "invest in" that still has a reasonable price tag.…

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Phone Backgrounds with meaning

February 25, 2019

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A Beginner’s Guide to Paris

November 9, 2018

Visiting Paris for the first time can be a daunting experience because there are a lot of specifics to think about and so much to do. Here’s an accumulation of the aspects of Paris I think are most important for first-time visitors to know When to Visit So far, my favorite time in Paris has been in July/August when most locals are on vacation. This…

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