Visiting the Dallas Museum of Art in the time of COVID-19

September 3, 2020

The Dallas Museum of Art is open again! Visiting this past weekend was such a great experience. I was nervous about going out in Dallas but felt really good about how they’re handling everything. Their COVID-19 safety measures include:

And if you don’t feel comfortable going yet (or just don’t want to pay) they have virtual tours available online here!

I saw my usual favorite impressionist paintings that just make me so happy😊 (virtual tour here)

And then I also saw so many new things. Many of the current exhibits have an even deeper meaning during the time of the pandemic and increased conversations about social issues in the US so I’ve highlighted some of the exhibits and art that really stood out to me.

The main exhibit currently on display that you need a separate ticket to is For a Dreamer of Houses. This exhibit “explores the significance of the spaces we inhabit and how they represent ourselves, our values, and our desires.” During this time where people are spending even more time in their homes and also the highlights of many who do not have the luxury of a home, the different pieces of art really speak to you. Virtual tour here.

This work is “Desk (A Dedication)” by EJ Hill which displays a letter written by Samaria Rice to her 12-year-old son who was killed by Cleveland police in 2014. This piece was made to address violence against communities of color and educational inequity. The desk symbolizes imagined spaces in which black and brown people can thrive outside of oppressive institutions.

My|gration focuses on artists who have immigrated to the US and was created by the DMA’s Education department with inspiration from changes in immigration policy.

One piece in this exhibit encouraged participation with questions in suitcases on a wall. A couple included “Share a story about moving to a new place” and “What is exciting about moving somewhere new? What is scary?” Virtual tour here.

I’ve lived in Dallas my entire life and didn’t know the facts on this wall. This highlights how diverse our city is and why we should celebrate that.

Another great exhibit is Flores Mexicanas: Women in Modern Mexican Art features women in art done by artists from Mexico. This exhibit has a wide array of types of art with a feature wall of one of the prettiest paintings featuring pastel flowers. I was so focused I didn’t even take a picture of it (but you can just see it on the DMA site). And take the virtual tour here.

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