Dressing Up with Comfort

February 27, 2020

Ever since oversized smock dresses have become a thing I’ve really wanted one. I had something very specific in mind and finally found my dream dress from Cecilie Bahnsen whose designs are AMAZING but the dress is $900 and there’s no way I can justify paying that much😩

Then Zara came out with a very similar dress for $50 and I got so excited and bought it immediately! Note: I do understand what’s wrong with this situation. Zara basically took a designer’s dress and recreated it for a much cheaper price and I definitely fed into the fast/affordable fashion trap. But I do know that this is a dress that I’m going to wear over and over for many years to come so that’s how I’m feeling better about it. And I saved $850👏

I was so excited to wear my dress for the first time at my friend’s wedding! On its own it’s nice, but not “black-tie wedding” nice. But paired with some heels and fancy jewelry, it worked perfectly! I was so comfortable in it, it went really well with Nicho’s tux, AND IT HAS POCKETS!!!

It’s now sold out at Zara (It was on sale for $13 for a while), but I’ve linked some similar styles that I also love. I included the $900 dress if you really want to splurge.

My heels were my grandmothers so I don’t have the exact link for those either😬 but here are some others to finish off the look:

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