Where to Shop Secondhand

December 18, 2019

You’re looking at my prized possession. My grandmother’s vintage Chanel sneakers I got after she passed. During this time of year, more than ever, I’m missing her and happy I have things around me that make me feel like she’s with me.

I wouldn’t think to buy these on my own since I don’t like spending too much money on anything, but I am interested in secondhand shopping especially since I’m trying to be more sustainable in different aspects of my life (including not buying unnecessary things all together). So here is a list of secondhand stores in Dallas and online I would look at.

Local Shops in Dallas, TX


As I continue to push myself to be more sustainable, I’m going to start shopping secondhand more and try to resist shopping at the same stores all the time (but I don’t think I can resist ASOS or Monki…).

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