Feel-good Jackets

December 1, 2019

The other day I spent the afternoon in the Bishop Arts District (my favorite part of Dallas) and went into Beatnik Fine Goods. After looking around for a few minutes I spotted this jacket in the sale section. I immediately ran to it and threw my purse down to try it on(very dramatic, I know). The second I put it on, I felt so powerful and confident and I’ve never loved a piece of clothing that instantly before😂It got even better when I found out it was on sale from $140 to $36!!!

I looked online and found out the jacket is the Pheonix Jacket from ASTR the Label and black is sold out, but brown is on sale for $40 online too!

Because the exact jacket isn’t available anymore, I linked similar jackets below!

These are almost identical styles

And these are very similar/I feel like they would give me the same confidence as mine

Complete the look:

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