State Fair of Texas Favorites

October 17, 2019

I go to the fair a lot. And by a lot, I mean ever since I can remember when I was little and 8 times this year.🙃 I have my go-to things to do, but I have also found some new favorites this year I thought I’d share! I made a map of where everything is because I know the fairgrounds can get confusing. To see an interactive map and search for other places, go here!

Trio on the Green

I go here every time I’m at the fair for the best frozen drinks (other drinks too), food, or a photo in the photobooth by Photo Wagon (so cute and the owner is the nicest!!!). It’s such a relaxing place to be.

Wine and Beer Garden

Another place to relax and get good drinks! They have a lot of choices and my new favorite this year is the Cotton Candy Shandy! It’s a normal shandy that comes with sugar on the rim and sprinkled on the top too. SO good if you love a sweet flavor.

Home on the Range Barnyard

A petting zoo with so many different types of animals. They have goats, camels, kangaroos, longhorns, pigs, and so many others. You’re able to buy feed for $1 or $5 or just walk through for free and enjoy seeing the animals.

Obviously, fried food

Getting food at the fair is extremely easy, but can be overwhelming because there are so many choices. Everyone talks about Fletcher’s corny dogs which are good, but my go-to is a fried snickers (left). Everything is melted and delicious but still has the crunch of the peanuts. It’s amazing!! A new find this year is fried cheese curds (right). They look kind of weird, but are SO GOOD! It’s like having a ton of mini mozzarella sticks!

Go Texan Pavilion

The go Texan Pavilion has a ton of stuff all about Texas, free samples everywhere, and all-texas products to buy. My favorite find this year was Kuhdoo Soap made from a family in Austin with natural ingredients and plastic-free packaging which makes me so happy!

Soar! Bird Show

I grew up going to this bird show and looked forward to it every year. It wasn’t at the fair the past 5 years, but came back again and was at the top of my list of things to do! They have a variety of birds that have different talents (including a hawk that flies from the top of the ferris wheel onto the bird trainer’s hand!). They get the crowd involved in the show and share great information about the birds and nature in general and it’s such a fun show. I highly recommend it!

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