October 2, 2019

I could wear this outfit every day for the rest of my life and I seriously mean that! It can be both casual or fancy and I could definitely sleep in it!

I’ve had my sandals from Mia for over a year and am still so obsessed with them! I honestly never knew shoes could be this comfortable. Every time someone compliments them I tell them they HAVE to get them.

My jumpsuit I got from Monki in Stockholm is so comfortable too and the softest material I’ve ever worn! It’s so soft that I bought another jumpsuit and three shirts from Monki in the same material (70% Modal, 30% Polyester). It doesn’t sound like it would be that soft, but trust me it is!

But there is a downside…Monki doesn’t ship to the US😫I love everything they have so much that I messaged them asking if it’s a possibility in the future so we’ll see! The links below are the same jumpsuit just strapless (which I have as well) and the exact shoes.

So since Monki doesn’t ship to the US, I’ve linked some jumpsuits from Monki available on ASOS, my other favorite place to shop!

I can’t say enough about how great this outfit is

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