Must-dos in Stockholm, Sweden

August 29, 2019

Whenever you’re visiting a new city it’s always difficult to figure out the things you shouldn’t miss while you’re there. So here’s a list of must-dos if you’re visiting Stockholm!

Old Town (Gamla Stan)

The most well-known part of Stockholm with beautiful buildings and narrow streets. There are so many cute shops and restaurants to see. Just walk around and get lost (which is easy to do) and enjoy the beauty.


My favorite part of Stockholm! It’s beautiful and so relaxing to walk down the winding roads.

It also has Monteliusvägen, a spot with the most beautiful view of Stockholm! This was my favorite part of the trip. It took us a few tries to actually find it, but it was actually nice getting lost in the streets of Södermalm.


Fotografiska (The Museum of Photography)

I’ve always loved photography, so this was at the top of my list! There are so many different types of collections from fashion to nature and exhibits that are constantly changing. Not to mention they have a bar too so

Subway Art

I was blown away by how pretty the subway stations are. There are so many stations with beautiful subway art. The one on the lest is T-Centralen (blue line) and the rainbow on the right is at Stadion (red line). There are many others, but these were the ones I HAD to see. More on subway art can be found here!


This area has a row of townhomes known to be the most expensive places to live in Stockholm. Walk or eat at one of the few restaurants along the water to enjoy the view.

ABBA Museum

I’ve been obsessed with ABBA since I was younger listening to it with my parents. I was so excited to go to the museum and was impressed by how many different sections it had. There are

Vasa Museum

I didn’t go the first time I visited because it honestly didn’t seem too interesting to me, but I kept hearing about it so the next time I visited Stockholm I decided to go. When you walk in, you immediately see the massive ship. Before we started walking around looking at it, we made sure to go to the theater to watch the video about its history to really appreciate it when we went back to see it.

The Vasa sank after sailing less than a mile and was brought up to the surface 333 years later fully preserved. It was like a time capsule with all sorts of artifacts still in it.

Eat like a Swede


Fika was one of the first Swedish traditions my boyfriend told me about when we first started dating. It’s a time to relax, eat pastries, drink coffee, and enjoy the people around you.

Swedish Meatballs

A traditional Swedish meal usually including meatballs, mashed potatoes, pickled cucumber, and lingonberries.

Toast Skagen

Toast skagen is shrimp salad on top of toast and I honestly thought it wouldn’t be good but it’s SO GOOD. I think about eating toast skagen again all the time and need to just make it myself!

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