To Do In: Houston, Texas

March 27, 2019

Being from Dallas, I’ve always heard about Houston not being a fun city and I had gone a couple of times but hadn’t really experienced it. Apparently, the third time really is the charm, because it really exceeded my expectations so here are some things I recommend!

Montrose Neighborhood

This neighborhood is what changed my mind about Houston! The houses are like a mix between Charleston and New Orleans and I’m in love with it.

The Menil Collection

The Menil Collection actually consists of a group of buildings that have different art displayed throughout. But my favorite part wasn’t the art, it was the architecture.

Houston Rodeo

Not gonna lie, I’m not a big rodeo person, but I had so much fun! There are so many different parts of the rodeo and they do a great job to keep it fast-paced without any sitting around and waiting. Then we saw Brad Paisley who’s been on my list of singers to see for a while! We got SRO tickets for only $20 and it’s just standing in the aisle, but it’s still at the closest section and there’s plenty of room to have a good view!

Alice Blue

Mary and Moss

This store was so cute! The second we walked in, we were offered tea samples which I was really excited about. We took our time walking around and looking at everything, I then checked the price tag of a shirt and immediately knew I wasn’t going to be buying anything…but it was still worth it just looking around!

Manready Mercantile

I reallyyy liked this place! A lot of different kinds of clothing and decor all with an outdoorsy vibe. AND you can make your own drink for free (with a tip)?? Ok!

AG Antiques

I really enjoy antiquing because there’s always such a variety of things and you never know what you’ll find. AG Antiques was huge and had such a diverse collection! I didn’t end up getting anything, but I DID get an amethyst candle holder from a place down the street, Eclectic Home.

Others things I didn’t do, but wish I did:

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