2 Weeks in Europe, 1 Carry-on

July 26, 2018

While getting ready for my two-week trip to Stockholm and Paris, I had been stressing out about if I would have enough room for all of my stuff. That led to me packing everything a week early to make sure. I was really surprised when all of my stuff fit into one carry-on. It makes it way easier that all of my clothes are either black, grey, or white so they all go together (not just for traveling but for life in general). I just packed all of my favorite things and it worked out! I feel like everyone knows this by now, but rolling your clothes in your suitcase works wonders.

Here’s what I’m bringing (this isn’t even all of it. Again, I really don’t know how I fit everything):

So after typing out the list, I now realize that it’s basically just all the clothes I normally wear and that everything I own is weirdly similar. ENJOY!

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