9 Unique Jeans Under $90

May 1, 2018

Most of these jeans are actually way under $90 but it was just a better title. You’re welcome.

Am I the only one that sticks to the same thing if I know it works?

Years ago I was at Nordstrom Rack and stumbled upon the first pair of jeans that have ever fit me perfectly. They ended up being the Jamie jeans from Topshop. Since then, I’ve only bought those exact jeans and I now have five pairs of them in different colors. They also come in tall which I need because I’m almost 6 feet.

But this Jamie jeans streak ended when I spotted these jeansonline at Urban Outfitters on SALE (basically the only way I’ll buy anything honestly). It still took me a while to decide to get them because it always does…but I finally did and am so happy about it! I also never trust shopping online for jeans so it’s a miracle they actually fit me.

One downside is that they say high-rise online but they’re actually mid-rise. Especially after having the Jamie jeans, I’m really used to jeans going over my bellybutton and wish these did too. I’ll deal with it though. Ok, the other downside is that I don’t have a butt and they would look way better on me if I did but I’ve just accepted it.

But the point is that they’re cool and I’m happy I actually bought different jeans. So here’s some inspiration to get you out of your comfort zone and stop buying the same damn pair of jeans.

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