To Do In: Munich, Germany

August 8, 2017


I went to Springfest! It’s like Oktoberfest, but smaller. This is a festival where you drink beer, eat as much as you can (sausage, cheese, pretzels, etc.), and dance on the benches to traditional german songs. It was so fun seeing everyone get so excited for every song the band played. Even if I didn’t know the song or the language is was in, I learned them by the end of the festival and they played plenty of American songs as well! Buying or renting dirndl or lederhosen is optional, but definitely adds to the experience! (The best place we found is called Steindl Trachten located in the center of town) The fun environment and friendly people allowed us to meet so many people from different parts of the world!

The Original Hofbrauhaus

Walk in and pick a seat, any seat. we were looking for one when this group of old german men dressed in traditional clothes waved us over to sit at their table in between all of them. We quickly noticed that they were regulars there. Complete with their own vintage beer jugs, and matching pins on their hats, we could tell that they had been friends for quite some time and this was like their normal routine. They proceeded to buy us beers, pretzels, and give us free things as souvenirs. Even though we didn’t speak the same language, we quickly became friends and it was sad when we had to leave. This may have been my favorite memory of the trip.



This plaza is filled with history and amazing architecture. It’s also a great place to find shopping and food.

New Town Hall


The main attraction of this amazing building is the glockenspiel. Every day at 11, noon, and 5 pm the glockenspiel with near life-size figures perform for the crowd gathered around.

 English Garden

A large public garden named for the rolling “english” hills. Rent a bike or rowboat, have a picnic, our just enjoy the outdoors!

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