off to the races

March 31, 2015

The past two years I’ve gone to the Carolina Cup in Camden, South Carolina with China’s family. It’s a horse race that attracts many different types crowds. It ranges from old, rich people who seriously care about the horse races to broke college kids who just come to party. I guess we’re somewhere in between that range…


My favorite part was obviously the food. do you see all that food?? And there isn’t one bad thing on that table. Every single thing is delicious. My favorite was the chicken salad, because you can never go wrong with that. AND China made the best snack food I think I’ve ever tasted, Lucky Charms Munch! ya. you’re welcome for the link.


horse bets cropthese were the horses I bet on. Like always I didn’t win anything, but I only lost 75 cents, so I think I’ll be ok.


IMG_8926carolina cup ticket

we don’t cup with youuu

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