show your colors, girl

I’ve never had my hair dyed and my parents weren’t thrilled when I told them, but I thought if I’m ever gonna experiment this is the perfect time! So I decided to dye my hair purple. I went into it not knowing anything or having a real plan so it was interesting…

here’s before, when I had no idea what I was about to do…
here’s the materials I used, Chromasilk Vivids in Violet, cheap conditioner, a comb, and gloves that were accidentally way too heavy duty…but they still worked.


to make it easier, I put my hair in this attractive hairstyle…

I went into it wanting really light lavender, so I mixed a tiny bit of dye with more conditioner and put that on my hair. It ended up not even doing anything, because the dye was masked by the conditioner. After than I ended up just using pure dye on the ends of my hair. Since I wanted more ombre I mixed a little conditioner with dye for above my ends to create a fade.
thank god I had gloves cause my hands would’ve been completely purple…
Then I sat with my hair like this for 45 minutes watching Keeping Up with the Kardashians…


so here’s what my hair will look like until I cut it before my sister’s wedding…

and here’s my favorite song with the best lyrics and it’s pretty fitting for my new hair…

your life is your design, so go ahead and design it.
your star is in the sky, so go ahead align it.
cause your forever lost, until you go and find it.

recreate the world in your own good vibes

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