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March 21, 2015

I spent my spring break at home, but because my bestie China came in town, I did so many things I’ve never done before. There are so many tourist spots I forgot existed in Dallas…


this was taken when I was in the 6th floor museum, my favorite. It’s all about JFK’s assassination in Dallas. It sounds depressing, but it’s actually so cool. The location is the old warehouse where the killer was and the view is of the street JFK was on when he was shot. I usually hate historical museums, but I love this one.


Klyde Warren Park is a park in the middle of downtown Dallas on top of a freeway. It’s one of the coolest uses of space. We spent hours there eating from the food trucks, people watching, playing ping pong, walking around, and finally enjoying the good weather.

We explored downtown and as I was walking around I realized I have lived my entire life in Dallas and almost never explored outside the area where I live…there are so many cool buildings, sculptures, and people to see. This dog-walker was my favorite, it was like something out of a movie with all the dogs in a row.



We ate at the Truck Yard, which is a place that’s hard to describe, but in China’s words “this is what I see when I think of Texas”

here’s the view from the amazing NYLO hotel, complete with an infinity pool on the top floor. it’s like you’re swimming on air. with this view. it’s awesome.



Another spot, Fuel City, with amazing tacos, gas, and a few camels, longhorns, donkeys, and a zebra.


God Bless Texas amiright

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